Waste Transportation

Revolutions Environmental of Alabama can transport your waste to a permitted Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) in the State of Alabama.  Revolutions provides your company with discounted disposal pricing and transportation costs with no additional fees.  You get "out the door" pricing with no hidden cost (i.e. environmental fees, fuel surcharges, etc.).  For assistance with waste characterization, profiling and TSDF approval contact us today by phone or email and lets get started.


Waste Characterzation

If you have identified a potential waste stream the first step in its disposal is to determine if it is considered hazardous or nonhazardous per State and Federal Regulations.  This can be done two ways...either by generator knowledge or analytical testing.  If generator knowledge is used there must be a clear and accurate knowledge of all components that make up the waste stream and each of the components must be understood how it affects the flammability, corrosivity, reactivity or toxicity of the waste.  Analytical testing consist of taking samples to a qualified laboratory for TCLP, ignitability, pH, and reactivity testing.



The next step is to create a profile that represents the waste stream and submit it for approval to a permitted TSDF facility. All materials that assisted in the waste characterization step such as SDS and analytical test results will need to be submitted along with the profile sheet. Once a profile is approved a price is assigned for the treatment of the waste as it is defined on the profile.  Any waste delivered to the TSDF that does not conform to the profile can be rejected or surcharged at the generators expense.


Manifesting and Transporting

Manifesting consist of ensuring all waste streams being transported are represented on the shipping document in accordance with State and Federal Regulations.  All shipping containers must be labeled and marked and transport vehicle appropriately placarded.