Revolutions Environmental of Alabama provides a tailorable biweekly oil absorbent recycling service in which other services such as universal waste, nonhazardous and hazardous waste transportation and disposal can be added at discounted rates. Revolutions has redefined the best business practices associated with oil contaminated waste.  Revolutions can eliminate materials cost and reduce required labor associated with used absorbent collection and disposal. Revolutions provides the most sustainable green oil absorbent recycling program available to the industry today.  


Do not use absorbents?  Contact Revolutions today for your waste transportation and disposal needs.  Choose a topic below to find out more.

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Absorbents are our business.  Never worry again about not having materials on hand when they are needed.  Revolutions absorbent services ensures your company is in compliance and a constant movement of your petroleum contaminated waste streams is never a concern. 


No matter if your company produces one drum a year or numerous drums a week you can count on Revolutions for your waste transportation and disposal needs.  


Let Revolutions handle your Universal Waste transportation and Recycling needs.  Revolutions will always ensure waste are handled in a way to always keep them treated as a Universal Waste.

For Services in Alabama Contact:

Revolutions Environmental of Alabama

Owned and Operated by Modern Solutions, LLC

805 Center Ave

Clanton, Al 35045
Tel: 205-280-5656
Fax: 800-693-9695

For Services offered in portions of Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina Contact:

Revolutions Environmental Inc.

3529 Church St., Suite E
Clarkston, GA 30021
Tel: 1-877-762-5488
Fax: 404-745-0253